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"NOCONA came at us out of nowhere with one of our favorite albums of the year." -- KEXP

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Thank you Mike Watt for having us on The Watt From Pedro Show!! Thank you so much for spinning our records. Kick back, take out that backgammon or kick up a wild game of canasta and tune in and listen to us discuss the origins of passive aggressive psychedelic music, dressing up like kiss for an audience of young Albanian children in lower westchester, getting booed off the stage at “Streets” in New Rochelle, Punk rock, getting lighters and batteries thrown at you onstage in the 80’s, Terry Allen on eight track, graveyards, barn jams, Nocona and parents from Lubbock, Johnny Cash at radio city music hall and the absolutely critical influential role of Watt, The Minutemen, Firehose and my cousin’s band, Peglegasus, on NOCONA’s musical development. Basically, listening to this radio show is how you want to balm and calm your election day anxiety.. It’s a journey, an epic and an odyssey through, not only some bitchin NOCONA tunes, but also the always varied and eclectic choice cuts from our hero Mike Watt!! -- LISTEN HERE

"In songs about love, death, demons and our collective souls, NOCONA’s music will haunt you. This one has an ease about it, but trust us, you’ll want to check out the entire album to get a true feel for their range." -- Americana Highways 

"I could certainly imagine Tabernacle Woes sound tracking many of the dark dystopian westerns I like so much." -- Whiskey Preachin'


"The group is releasing its third album, Los Dos, on July 10. Ditty TV Senior Editor Tim W. Jackson was curious about the new NOCONA album and this brand-new video for “Tabernacle Woes,” so he was able to touch base with Chris and Adrienne via the wonders of a video interview. Check out what the Isoms had to say."



Check out our interview with Jimi Palacios on NOLA County Radio 102.3 WHIV FM!  So cool to be included in such a great show! Our Interview starts around 1:14 🎙🎶🎧

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