DittyTV is pleased to present the band’s world premiere video for “Stabby Mike,” about which Chris Isom says, “Stabby Mike is a composite character who sees the worst in everyone. If he can receive any benefit from stabbing anyone in the back, he does. Stabby Mike is somewhat of a caricature of an old school gangs-of-New-York-style street hood. He’s sort of like Bill the Butcher, but worse. Stabby Mike just might stab you for fun or to impress someone else. He’s a very bad dude.”

“Kicking off with a acoustic strumming and punkish vocals, the song explodes into a grungy roots rocker with plenty of twang, making an impassioned comment on the current state of our society.” — Glide Magazine


Thank you Glide Magazine for sharing our first single “Stabby Mike” off of our upcoming album “Los Dos”.


“Long Gone Song by Nocona is full of rave-up garage rock for high lonesome desperadoes. It’s guaranteed to start a stampede in a world full of dull lonely cattle drives. Yes, it’s rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. But it’s also energizing, motivating, and trippy. Their high-energy act has landed them gigs at Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, SXSW, and Stagecoach because they know how to stir up a crowd.” – Calvin Powers, AmericanaMusic Show 


"…each song seems to have its quirk, a specific Isom touch, be it a slightly off-kilter chord progression or vocal arrangement or even just a roots-deep approach.”—Frank Gutch Jr. for No Depression



“Los Angeles-based band, Nocona, would be right at home on Chicago’s Bloodshot records – a label that many insurgent country bands have called home for nearly 20years..”–Independent’s Day Radio



“L.A.-based Nocona, a country punk act rooted in the blues with apsychedelic and Mexicali twist are the new Alt-country Sheriffs intown”–Slo New Times



“If the old saying, “All hat & no cattle,” is supposed describe pretty boys and girls pretending to be country; Nocona would be all well-whiskey, cigarettes and f**k-you’s…and no hat.” – Pinpoint Music



“These cats rock some alt country sounds like nobody’s business. Look out, Mumford, there’s a new band in town! Hot pickin’ on a variety of instruments and styles compliment lyrics from ballads to rockin country blues, and I swear I hear a certain Mid-Western punk sound in there, too.” –MTM (Mid Tennessee Music)



“Though the content may not be the gospel, the conviction in the hollering verges on something straight out of a chapel.” Jake Tully, MOXIPOP


“NOCONA is one of those up-and-coming alt.country bands you hear all too little about until every website in the country in the world is talking about them. They come out of the gate hard-edged on this one, Chris Isom raking his guitar beneath his country-laced voice, upping his game.” — Frank Gutch Jr.

“Rave-up garage rock for high lonesome desperadoes. With this second album NOCONA is at the last moment one of pleasant surprises this year.” 

“It’s Just” – Video of the Day “This isn’t the first nor it will it be the last time that I play NOCONA, once their new Album goes live, expect it to be The Album of The Week…”— 50thirdand3rd

“From the Texas country sounding pedal steel to the punk-rock infused guitar riffs, the sounds on this record are unexpectedly perfect together.” 5 out of 5 stars from the great state of Oklahoma! — Red Dirt Report


“It is in this thought that the Americana influence, tangled with the roots that they employ so well but also with a sentimental nod to the British Folk scene really comes through for Nocona.” — Liver Pool Sound UK


“Along with their knack for creating songs that musically stand up to any American act out there these days, their lyrics are thought provoking, often intense stories that can be darkly humorous at times” — Music Morsels


“This may be rock but this is rock with roots that go all the way to China…” — No Depression


“Wild stuff that doesn’t follow lines you’ve come to expect, just listening closely to the lyrics will flip you out. Outsider stuff that really hit’s the mark and is sure to be celebrated by disenfranchised everywhere. Check it out. ” — Midwest Record



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