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Mule Kick Records Presents
the new full-length record by
Release Date: July 10, 2020


New Single and Video
Post Apocalyptic Blues
Out June 19, 2020

Directed, edited, and photographed by Adrienne Isom


“Post Apocalyptic Blues” is a light hearted romp, it’s a rootsy country folk dancey vibe exploring a kind of “It’s the end of the world as we know it” theme, “I guess, if i had to pigeon hole it, I might have been thinking a little Mississippi John Hurt and The Kinks and possibly contemplating a big New Orleans trombone part possibly."


"The lyrics originally sprang out of lamenting the closing of our favorite diner near our house. It was a downer when they shut that place down and the song was originally a kind of a “there goes the neighborhood” sort of lament taken to the nth degree. I mean, they just shut down our favorite diner but I thought a tongue and cheek song equating it to “an apocalypse” would be a funny sort of way to approach a song. Fast forward to 2020 and here we are living through a global pandemic and truly living through something fairly apocalyptic that none of us could have foreseen. The lyrics have an odd kind of resonance given what we are living through currently so we thought it might be timely to make a comical video to hopefully lift some spirits during this otherwise very serious and sad time."” -- Chris Isom, NOCONA

New Single and Video
Tabernacle Woes
Out July 3, 2020

Directed, edited, and photographed by Adrienne Isom


"Tabernacle Woes was conceived as basically a stream of consciousness fever dream about global tribal divisions and a search for some form of enlightenment or perspective, it was written in one sitting with very little change from the initial pass. The mantra, “Fear a god, don’t fear the gun as it lays you low. Fear a god, don’t feel the gun as it lays you low. ” represents an existential paradox about existing in a tribal group. What god? What gun? What war? Does a god really ever stop the bullets from coming? “I won’t know anyone ever in their green, and your gadfly is dead in the moon.”  All bets are off in the modern world, all predictions of the future are off, no one knows the future and we never know anyone until we are able to cast off our tribal divisions and see clearly how we are all humans sharing the same space." -- Chris Isom

New Video
Chasing Your Shadows
Out August 21, 2020

Directed, edited, and photographed by Adrienne Isom


Chasing your shadows is just a stream of consciousness, it doesn’ mean anything, it’s about aliens and crows, it’s about doc watson, it’s about not knowing whether you’re listening to an angel or a devil or even knowing what that or anything else means. It’s about being an idiot and having nothing to say but saying nothing anyway because it’s all you have to say. It’s about recognizing that the world is fucked up and talking about all the ugly crap that’s going on it and in it while people piss on you and tell you it’s raining and idiotic so called “American” pop country stars talk about beer, chicks and trucks while Americans are dying and miserable and killing themselves in droves with opiates and whatever else they can get their hands on. It’s good old Americana, it’s about the hole every American digs for themselves and the anger they feel trying to dig themselves out of it. It’s about how full of shit everyone is who says they know god exists. It’s about asking them to repeat themselves again in order to marvel at their arrogance. It’s about “not giving up” and “doing your thing” when you don’t know what “giving up” or “doing your thing” even means. It’s about aliens helping crows seek vengeance on the world of men. It’s about Doc Watson’s vision of the astral plane and the clarity of his vision on that plane and his outer body experiences while residing there. It’s about the feeling you get when you eat a bag of mushrooms and go to the front car of a new york city subway and stare out of it as your hurtle through the underground and everything and the car and all the people in it disappear and you feel like you are physically flying through this vast underground labyrinth like a space bat and then realizing that humans are just an underdeveloped space bats and your eyes turn to black dots and lightning bolts shoot out of them but then the train stops and you realize that if you don’t get a cup of coffee immediately your gonna die. It’s about that kind of feeling.

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